Ecocarrier Inc.

Stand 1023

Richmond Hill, ON


Company Profile
Ecocarrier is an OTT, MVNE for Wholesale Carrier Services and SuperMVNO managed services and also a developer and producer of AR, VR, MR enabled games, apps and solutions from our cloud-based service platforms. At MWC 2017, we introduce (1) W5GO a multi-episode AR-enabled interactive app for children (4-7) to learn, to imagine and be entertained ( (2) PPIXXELLS, a managed service platform for repository of photos, videos and audios and VIVE-AR, a web-based editor for DIY creation of AR-enabled apps ( and (3) ARA2Z Solutions-as-Managed Services Platform for B2B Projects in Retail Promotion, Interior Decoration, Building Construction/Architecture, Field-Engineering , Targeted Training for vocation and recreation - all employing creative AR, VR and MR production (
QiiQ ARVRREAL Service Platform for collaborative AR VR enabled Work Environment for the provision of on-demand expert services in situ and in real time by qualified available talents (Expert) worldwide to the technician at job site. Expert at remote end and Technician at job site, each wearing a QiiQ ARVRREAL (Smart Viewer) share the same Virtual Reality Space in which the Expert can demo to the Technician how to do a job or fix a problem and the Technician can just copy and follow.