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URL   dubdub.com

Company Profile
Tech startup dubdub created a mobile video creation platform that offers a suite of tools to empower influencers and all social media users to seamlessly create, edit and share high quality, monetizable videos. Through their suite of digital and physical products; dubsuite, dubcandy and dubloft, dubdub guides its users through the complete process of making fully optimized online content. Led by President and CEO, Zbigniew Barwicz, dubdub is headquartered in Toronto and has additional offices in Montreal and New York.

Available on iOS and Android, dubcandy mobile app turns any existing video into an attributable shoppable experience. By tagging products with “dubcandies”, video creators can earn affiliate revenue from their viewers buying the product they reviewed or featured. dubdub can provide brands with data such as purchases, click through, views, demographics and other info. dubdub’s patented iOS-based video creation tool, dubsuite, empowers users to shoot and edit videos directly from their smartphone. dubdub’s physical creative studios, dubloft, located in Manhattan and Toronto, London and LA coming soon, connect creators with brands and professional videographers from the dubdub team to help users create effective on-brand content and maximize profits.